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Thread: Results - Dec '11 Member Survey-Rally & Events

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    I agree about FL. However, I like those KY twistys. I did the Lap of Kentucky with the new Harley/BMW dealer in Louisville, and then the KHCR with the I-BMW group based at Lure Lodge on Lake Cumberland, GREAT roads! I'll go back for both rides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    While I think FL has great possibilities for a spring rally or a late fall rally it is otherwise not among the better places to ride overall. It's flat! It is in fact hot, particularly in certain months. It can have a heavy snowbird or tourist burden on roads & lodging/camping. We go there for a bit in the winter for state pks & to fish & it is nigh on impossible to get a campsite! I have done the get on your computer to the hour! eleven months prior to arrival & still campsites are taken. Sure if you go to a non beach area in the heat of summer, but then your back to my point-why go to FL in the summer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    FWIW as a side bar. The forum has never been a formal tool for communication between the BoD and the membership. This is a combination of the intended forum purpose, by-laws in place at the time and a cultural norm that developed as the forum itself developed. The corporate entity called the BoD is not required to monitor the forum and really can not effectively engage in a conversation on the forum. Individual members of the BoD do monitor the forum as their life and interests permit. When they post and engage in forum discussions they do so as individual members and our peers. The moderating team has always allowed wide latitude for comments and observations about the BoD corporate entity while defending and holding accountable individual BoD members as they participate as forum peers.

    Conversely the forum's purpose of being a member meeting place to discuss and debate the MOA issues of the day by membership is often forgotten. It is a place to whine , complain and get it out of our psyche. It also is a place where ideas can be put out as trial balloons, vetted and gather support.

    Very well said by one of the senior forum members who has been here from the beginning!

    It helps to have that perspective so well articulated so that newer members understand how this forum operates.

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