I agree about FL. However, I like those KY twistys. I did the Lap of Kentucky with the new Harley/BMW dealer in Louisville, and then the KHCR with the I-BMW group based at Lure Lodge on Lake Cumberland, GREAT roads! I'll go back for both rides.
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While I think FL has great possibilities for a spring rally or a late fall rally it is otherwise not among the better places to ride overall. It's flat! It is in fact hot, particularly in certain months. It can have a heavy snowbird or tourist burden on roads & lodging/camping. We go there for a bit in the winter for state pks & to fish & it is nigh on impossible to get a campsite! I have done the get on your computer to the hour! eleven months prior to arrival & still campsites are taken. Sure if you go to a non beach area in the heat of summer, but then your back to my point-why go to FL in the summer?