I'll throw in my 2 cents here. I am not privy to any of the decision making process (outside of what is available in the forums, magazine, etc.) so this is just my personal opinion. In setting up a national rally for a large diversely located club like ours the final choice will have to be a blending of many different needs with the ultimate goal of offering the best appeal to the widest group of individuals at any one time. This balancing act will also mean that there are members that will not be happy with the decision making process for one reason or another. If you go through these forums I don't think there is one facet of the decision making process that has not been criticized at one time or another.

Based on previous survey results, my own guesses and bias the average temperature is significantly less important than the sum of non temperature factors, such as vendor participation, riding opportunities, non rally opportunities (near an interesting city, natural resource, etc.) and what is probably the single most important factor, how close is the rally to the the largest population of riders. All things being equal, the closer you are to the largest number of people the more likely you will get a good turn out. These being said it would lead me to believe that we will get more return on our rally investment (return equals members attending) by tweaking the more controllable non-temperature factors to appeal to as many members as possible.

As for the summer months that time of year likely allows the largest number of members to attend a rally if they choose. For me that should be the first requirement. On a personal note my wife, a college counselor, has a new boss who has
decided that the counselors should not take vacation during the school year. Are college counselors a large demographic for the MOA? I seriously doubt it but I certainly want the opportunity to attend the rallies, which we have always enjoyed, and yes we were at Bloomsburg and it was hot, but it was better than if we were at Bloomsburg the following year when it wasn't that hot but it was under water.

The idea to offer the entire calendar year as an option doesn't make much sense. A very large percentage of us ride in parts of the country where how to prep your bike for winter storage gets more attention than planning a route to a rally. I don't have the stats to back that up but I am also willing to not spend money on a survey to definitively answer the question is January a good time to have a national rally.

Final thoughts, the return rate of the previous MOA survey was much better than industry average, about 8-10%. Statisticians say that a properly selected small group correlates well with the opinions of the larger demographic. That being said posting similar questions in our forum could be done and I would hazard a guess and say the return rate would not be much better.

The last thing I want to comment on is the tone of some of the posters. The implication (at least that is how it comes across to me) that the BOD is this rigid, member ignoring, fearful of the truth group of individuals is ludicrous. I have not been able to figure out in the least why they would want to be in a volunteer position (I have been in various volunteer positions most of my adult life) and receive this level of aggravation. To these posters what benefit do you believe they receive from being so "inflexible"? As others have said, run, volunteer, change from within. There are no super PACs, secret money or anything else to prevent your voice from being heard/elected in the MOA leadership.

I have found the present process to be as transparent as I need, sometimes I like the choices and I go sometimes I don't and I stay home. That is probably all we should really expect. Off soapbox, sorry for the length of the post.