I agree with asking the entire membership via BMWON, AND I also don't understand why the entire year ie 12 months were not given as an option. Seems like the 'dates' were biased from the beginning to in the middle of the summer, IMHO.
How hard would it be to have half a page in the BMWON asking 1) what temperature range would you like the Rally to have, and is that important, very important, etc. And 2) what month/dates would you like to see the Rally held, and is that important, very important, etc.? Once the temps and dates were known, that would narrow down the geographic location(s). What event brought about the NO MOVE from the July time-frame attitude, or it just a feeling or something else? Just curious.
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If you can send out the milage start forms in the springtime in the moa on mag. why can't you also send out a 3 by 5 card with a survey to EVERYONE??Why survey only 2000 why not EVERYONE? I just don't understand why this is not done ,period!What do you have against surveying EVERY ONE,might you not like the outcome or what may have to be done(move the rally that you really don't want to do) to remity the situation from a total survey of EVERYONE?? I never saw a survey?