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Here is the link to the survey that we sent to 2000 randomly-selected members in the end of December. 2011. We were amazed and delighted with the member-response: Nearly half of those contacted accessed the questionnaire, and 751 completed it. If you were one of those members, we thank you. Your input is invaluable as we look to the future of the BMW MOA national rallies.

Some members emailed us back and asked if they should complete it if they have never attended a rally. As you can see, we definitely wanted their feedback as well.

How did we generate the list of members? We used a computer program to generate the random-list of 2000 from the members whose email addresses we had. If I recall correctly, that was around 27,000.

One of the key things we pulled from this survey was that the last three weeks in July continue to be the preference, although the end of June is certainly popular as well. The 4th of July week is definitely out.

Not included in this survey was the feedback from the Key Committee Chairs, who overwhelmingly still prefer the last two weeks of July. While this is an important factor to keep in mind when scheduling rally dates, the members who took the time to fill this out showed us that the end of June should be a consideration as well.

RALLY and EVENTS Survey - Membership