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Thread: cleaning boots and gloves

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    cleaning boots and gloves

    Hi, I know how to clean my riding pants and jacket. I take out the pads zip up the zippers when I remember and wash them in a bucket or on hand wash cycle on the washer. However, I don't know how to clean out my Adventure boots, my Leather gloves, or my helmet. I have tried helmet cleaner on all three, but they still stink after the cleaning. Any suggestions for removing the stink that comes from 4 days 12 hour riding in 100F heat ?

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    Best deodorizer that won't melt your linings is baking soda in water. Though using it on gloves may be problematic. If you do, use a liquid leather conditioner after to keep the leather soft.

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    Wash your leather gloves in water to get rid of the salt from your sweat, then let them air dry out of direct sunlight. Then treat them with something (Lexoil works). With boots, I Febreeze the insides, then use Lexoil to clean and treat them. Doc Martens makes a really good treatment for leather if you can find it.

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    I use a mild solution of baby shampoo/warm water to clean my helmet interior. I really like my newest helmet with the removable liners/pads, which makes cleaning easy, but you can do older style helmets with a sponge or terry washcloth. Repeat with warm water to rinse out the shampoo. If the helmet has a non-removable liner, blot dry with a towel. I always set mine near an AC vent in the house to facilitate drying.
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    Put your boots, gloves, and/or helmet in a plastic bag in the freezer for 24 hours.

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