My sincerest apologies go out to the GS Giants who endeavored to find me after I left the campout at the Gypsy Tour site near Oark the day before it ended. As it turns out, I only found out today that I had caused a commotion by going missing, that apparently even involved the local sheriff. Apologies especially to Daniel, the "Queen" , and Ian. I had had an unplanned meeting with a young oak tree, deep in the Johnson County Ozark Forest. This resulted in knocking my headlight off its bolt on one side and this also dislodged the instrument cluster, so it was all wobbly. I decided it would be best to try to fix it at the Bentonville BMW shop before the rally. So I took off , to be there the next AM early. My thanks go out to all who were concerned. Thanks also to the great organization of the Gypsy Tour (even if the difficulty of the planned routes were not always as labeled ). Great job.