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Thread: Who did not attend because of the heat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xp8103 View Post
    Seriously folks. Maybe we start having these things in January in Florida and Arizona and we all fly in with a picture of our motorcycle and sit in a big room and talk about them.

    I found this in another thread.
    For everyone that is bitching, is this what you want?

    Would this make you happy????
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    No problem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brisco View Post
    I found this in another thread.
    For everyone that is bitching, is this what you want?

    Would this make you happy????
    I don't consider telling it like it was bitching. Besides it really doesn't matter because as soon as enough people stop coming to sweltering heat places then the fiscal reality will mandate the change. When enough money is lost then the reason why will be discovered or apparent.
    I once had a Marine Corps general tell me 'You don't have to practice misery you know instantiously when your miserable'. And I was in Bloomsburg and Sedilia.
    I also had a wise man tell me 'you can't drive people away from a good deal' and it is the MOA's responsibility to make these rallies a 'good deal' and quit blaming people for having bad experiences, because of the lack of a good deal!
    Of course YMMV and your opinions maybe different but the 'good deal' is the bottom line.
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    Ride Safe,
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    Long time in;

    Been to soooo many of these now, lost count, but its up near 27-28 of'em. All this time, I've NEVER really heard the reason(s) why we don't move the rally into May, early June or whatever, but not July! Its not been largely advertised why, or I missed it, not needing to know. I go anyways, whatever month. BUT, why not do something different one or two years soon. How on earth could it hurt anything to move it about the calendar a bit? I think it will draw at least as many as we've been getting. Most young folk are out of school by early June, so May may take a hit regarding that item, IF its a huge item at all? Later, as in September or so, I think the same school issue arises, BUT? I think we can try another month without killing the 'MOA. Must be some logistical items we are not aware of here. AND, the obvious heat issue, same July rally can be quickly solved by STAYING further North for these, dropping the South.. I DO remember Vermont Rally(Rutland) in 1978 getting to 104F, so that even can go South up North, no pun intended. Very rare though, as are BMW National Rallies, so we must attend anywhere we can or we grow old and look back, WISH I had done that, this kind a scenario. I'm NOT growing old and wishing, as I'm doing all I can and going out with a "no wish" list, even in heat!. As for a RALLY somewhere else, another time of year, I vote YES for change and let the chips fall where they will. We are supposed to be an adventurous group, aren't we? BMW Riders, the last frontier riders...Lets earn our rep....Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by nplenzick View Post
    And out the thousands that did go and the thousands who are members there still isn't a hundred people who have participated in this poll.
    I would say that you and the others who hate the summer time frame are in a minuscule minority at best.
    bwwwhhhaaaa! Thanks for the belly laugh.

    Reading comprehension is key. If you can find one post where I support changing the rally dates I'll give you a hundred bucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken F View Post
    Why you people don't buy some LD Comfort underwear is beyond me.

    It is like having A/C on your motorcycle-riding through 107 degrees is not a big deal, and just like an electric jacket liner it really extends your
    riding season. Just as with todays technology in clothes, there is no reason to be cold in the don't have to swelter in the summer either!

    I even wore it while I wasat the rally, and kept soaking it down with water about every 45 minutes to an hour.
    So did my Dad, who is 89, and rode to the rally. (The disclaimer is that we only had a 110 mile ride this year)
    We also rode to Bloomsburg last year and it was not that bad with LD Comfort to assist.

    Ken, I have bought the underwear and love it. But, please tell us what you wear and how you use it. Thanks
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    9/25 @ 2:46 pm

    Can't wait. Then this thread can be put to rest and dusted off again after next years Rally..
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    What???? Only 13 pages?? What kind of censorship is this????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    snipped .... BUT, why not do something different one or two years soon. How on earth could it hurt anything to move it about the calendar a bit?
    Please see the thread at this link:
    Rally Survey November/December 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by nytrashman View Post
    i doubt i will ever pre-register again, unless the dates are changed to what are typically cooler months or cooler locations.

    if the MOA continues to hold the national rally in the dead of summer in what are sweltering locations, the problem of finding a venue large enough to hold the rally will become a non issue as more and more members will choose not to attend because of the heat factor.
    Totally agree. Silly time of year and silly locations. Time for the board to move this event. Guaranteed to have more interest in the fall months where a sleeping bag is appreciated and a cup of coffee brings a break from cool morning air.
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    I was at the IBA Denver meeting also and talked to Tony and also worked a few hours for Tony at the Cycle Nutz booth at the MOA. He said his business wasn't what he expected and didn't seem to happy about the attendance, ask him for more detail.
    As I have said this is all a moot discussion because when people speak with their feet and don't come, then there will be a correction. And I'm betting the correction will be away from a location of miserable weather conditions and toward something better.
    Ride Safe,

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Nye View Post
    Funny how people's perceptions can be so different.

    I was in Denver last weekend at a meet with a few folks who were vendors in Sedalia. They said it was much hotter than Bloomsburg but the Air Conditioning was 100 times better.

    Regardless last I checked when touring on a motorcycle in the summer there's a pretty good chance of finding a few days of wicked hot temps. bfd.
    Ride Safe,
    Robert Rehkopf

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    Merlin III

    My toughts

    I have a few thoughts on the subject. Firstly, the thing that will draw young people to the MOA is BMW coming out with models and prices that young people want. If they buy the bike, they will attend the rallies.

    Secondly, most "young riders" in their 40s and 50s don't take family vacations anymore. Their kids are to old to want to go with the parents on vacations. They are either in high school or beyond and have their own friends and interests.

    Thirdly, There are a lot of variables in selecting a site. The projected temperatures at the venue should be near the top. I did not attend this years rally because of my environmental experience at Bloomsburg.

    IMHO, I think it is time for MOA to take some chances. Either have the rally in cool Summer locations or have the rally closer to Autumn. What would really excite me is having a rally in Canada.

    Lastly, my thoughts in no way should be considered a criticism of the MOA Board. They have stepped up to the plate and done a real good job of an impossible task. "Two Thumbs Up" for the Board!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
    Secondly, most "young riders" in their 40s and 50s don't take ..........
    Yippeeeeeeeeeee............................I'm young..................................

    I don't take vacations, but I'm young............................YEAH

    Seriously, I think we have a problem Houston..........."young" has to mean someone in their twenties for this group to go on.

    However, I do agree with point number one. In 1986, I purchased a new k75c for $4250 or 17% of the average household income for that year ($25,010). Today, the the average household income is about $50,000, but I doubt that BMW really offers much at the $8,500 price level. The F models are offered near that price level, but they really don't seem to share much technology with the R and K bikes. In that prior day, there wasn't a lot of difference between a K75 and K100.

    So yes, BMW is moving away from the market where those younger riders likely live.
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    Have the rally in Sept. This is when most of the country has some of its best riding weather. Looking atout our membership I cannot believe school is a problem for most. I betting more do not go because of the heat than would not go because of school. JMHO.
    I will not pre-register again as I will wait for a weather report. Too Hot... not going.
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    I feel the same way.... If it is in the nearby area for me from the NE part of the country, Of course I will pre reg, otherwise, why suffer?

    The RA rally in the spring at the Blitmore in Asheville..... Seems like a win win for many!

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