I apologize if i caused you so much distress to have you rant about my beer question.
That was certainly not my intent. It was a simple question from a member. I was not aware that this subject is so touchy and gets beaten to death every year.

I get it and personally approve the decision to keep those who might overindulge on site and out of harms way, you can't fix stupid after all.

I also think it is good policy to have a profit center for the club to help with expenses, if that means selling a few beers then by all means do it.

As far as i am concerned , I enjoy what the MOA offers to me as a member. I am not a long distance rider, so unless the rally is held within a days distance or at the most two days away I will not be going anyway. Heck I don't even like driving in the car that far anymore, but that's just me.

As to the lack of member involvement in the BOD, that's a reality all organizations face. The folks who do get involved in group leadership or politics, either like what they get from it or don't last long.