This issue has been addressed, as recently as last fall. After Bloomsburg, the Board created a Rally Review Committee. I am that committee chairman.

One of the things we did was conduct a survey. Actually, there were several surveys:
There there three groups surveyed:
1) Vendors
2) Key Committee Chairs
3) 2000 randomly selected BMW MOA members

We chose the vendors and the "Key" committee chairs because let's face it folks: without these hard working key committee chairs and the big turn-out of the vendors, we could not do the rally as we do it today. The third group was created by creating a computer-generated randomized list of members. Their survey was marginally different in that we wanted to know additional questions, such as - how they felt about Regional Events and smartphone applications.

I will work with Greg Feeler to pull all of the information together and post it here. Stand by. This may take a few days to pull all of that information together so that it is a readable format.