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Thread: Lytro Camera

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    Lytro Camera

    Does anyone have experience with the Lytro Camera?

    From looking at the pictures, it appears it would be far easier to use while on the move than standard point and shoot cameras. Furthermore, according to the technical description, you don't have to worry about getting the focus right before taking the picture.

    ....and yes I know, it's expensive.
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    Very interesting technology. At the present time there are two big drawbacks for me, besides cost.

    No Windows support- comments on the website indicate users cannot even get the pictures off their camera without a Mac.
    Fixed f2.0 aperture means very limited depth of field in your images without manipulating multiple images.

    Still, it is fun to play with the sample images. Should be great when/if they get the software up to speed.

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    Looks like they do support 64bit Win7 now.

    Every time you press the button to take a picture with this camera it takes a bunch of images simultaneously with different points of focus. Later in the computer you can choose the best focus. This is processor intensive, hence the 64bit requirement.

    The sensor is tiny at 6.5?4.5mm so even with the fixed f/2.0 lens depth of field is never super-shallow. FYI - That's about the same size imager as in an iPhone.

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    Check out this month's issue of Consumer Reports. They said, in a nutshell, that while it is a cool idea, it is more of a novelty based on the above reasons and that it wouldn't be a good replacement for a regular subcompact digital camera.
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