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Thread: Howlin' at the Moon?

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    Howlin' at the Moon?

    Excuse me if this has already been answered, but I've searched for an explanation here without success.
    Can someone tell me why last week's rally had the "Howlin' at the Moon" theme?
    Last Thursday was the New Moon, so there was virtually no moon to howl at.
    What does/did it mean?
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    I was wondering the same thing, as I had seen Howlin' at the Moon a few other places in MO, as well as on the take out bags at Sonic Drive-Ins.
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    Maybe... way back when; MOA HQ was going to announce JUNE 20th, the

    Summer Solstice as the Rally Start date, to beat the heat you know, then...

    Oh!! never-mind, what was I thinking.

    However... I'm told I did "howl" at a star late one nite at Sedalia....

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    Confused here as well!
    I'd especially like to know so that I can understand how the theme was carried through on the fair grounds. In 2007 in West Bend, WI it was a German theme.... EVERYWHERE. From the food to the music to the dancers... there was a theme and it was established and carried throughout the event. Now don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic time this year and I sincerely commend all involved... and it's maybe because I am in the marketing biz... if you have a theme, it should be established, celebrated, and utilized throughout the event.

    Did I miss something???
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    There was quite a bit of howling going on over at the GSG tent. I think it also carried over to the Swine Barn.

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    Smile Don't Over Think It...

    Howlin' at the Moon was simply a "fun" theme.

    Go to a rally, sit with a circle of friends, share some laughs, howl at the moon. Smile a lot, meet new friends, feel good, howl at the moon. Enjoy the moment, howl at the moon.

    Julie, Bob and I have been going to BMW rallies for years and always find ourselves Howlin' at the Moon.
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    Ya gotta name it something.

    Make a contest, buy the bike etc raffle ticket, suggest a name. Pick the top 10 names and have an online poll. First to submit the winning name wins something nice.


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    Name that rally?

    Mine is "Beemer Barbecue" hee hee
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacko View Post
    Name that rally?

    Mine is "Beemer Barbecue" hee hee
    That's why they don't let the membership name the rally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasman View Post
    Julie, Bob and I have been going to BMW rallies for years and always find ourselves Howlin' at the Moon.
    Tuaca has that effect on people.....

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    so does grappa
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