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Thread: Oil Filters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted View Post
    My filter wrench works perfectly on both the 3302 and the OEM "Made in Austria" filter (as well as on the M1-102...) I checked after you posted on the other thread. Yep, I use all three, usually what I have on hand. I have for over 120,000 miles on K Bikes.

    As for the flow rates and microns, Google is your friend. Here is a great site that compares a whole ton of filters:
    There are many other sites out there as well.
    I'm talking about the Bosch 3330 filter used on many Toyotas.

    I've seen the site. The guy doesn't know BMW K bikes. With 80-85 psi oil pressures when hot and very high volume, particularly on pre-1990 Ks that were geared to spin the oil and coolant pump faster than on later bikes, bypass pressures are a real consideration when buying an oil filter. Many car filters will bypass at the normal oil pressures that K bikes run.
    That high pressure and volume are a large part of what make Ks so durable. Now you want to throw it away with a car filter that might not be up to the K bike's oil pressure? It's your bike, but don't say I didn't warn you.
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    I am quite happy with my choice to use them (yes I meant the 3330 - stupid iPad) and promise not to say you didn't warn me. I have done the research and have been happily using them for more than 15 years. Of all the people I know who use them, going all the way back to the early 90's on the IBMWR list when Rob Lentini first made aftermarket filter use popular, I have not once heard of a failure or problem due to a Bosch or Mobil-1 filter (Fram is a different story...) For what it is worth, it is the filter included when you buy a Kbike 12k/24k oil and filter kit from Beemerboneyard. If you have some credible information that proves otherwise, I'd love to see it.
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    if you have one of the K bikes where the filter is in the oil pan exposed to the oil, then no paper labels on filter. Some filters do not have real good paint, if it flakes off that can be an issue also. I would be careful there.


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