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Thread: How hot was it?

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    How hot was it?

    Well, this has never happened to me before. From Florida to the rally and back covered 3,000 miles and 10 states. Along the way I had two flats: front and rear each. Not totally unusual, you might think. However, both failures were caused by the valve stems. In both instances, the inner metal valve stems seemed to separate from valve. It could have been faulty tire valves, but both failures seemed to be heat related. In other words, melted rubber (synthetic) appeared on each. Wow! That's hot!

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    They make metal valve stems.
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    There have been a lot of defective Chinese made valve stems. It is not heat, it is typical Chinese quality control. Sadly, metal seems to be the best way out. I have cracks on my front one, tire is shot, so changing it.

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    It was so hot, the jugs sagged on the Moto Guzzis and we counted them as Beemers.

    It was so hot, I saw the oil in my bike leave to find shade.

    It was so hot, the water faucets were marked hot and hotter.

    It was so hot, I saw Armadillos flying North for the summer.
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    Voni had both fail on the same trip within miles/minutes of each other.
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    It was so hot...

    It was so hot, the tree I camped under kept whistling for dogs.

    It was so hot, my camel back kept giving off steam.

    It was so hot, I used my tank bag as an easy bake oven.

    It was so hot, my First Gear Mesh Tex fused to my skin... I'm now a super hero.

    It was so hot, I actually considered going home early to my wife.
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    Ahh, but she had Paul Glaves with her!

    It was hot. Rode a SaddleSore out and emptied my 110 Camelback every 200 miles (Two large water bottles to fill it). But not as bad as Bloomsburg as it was a dry heat and there was a ton of air conditioned space. It was hot enough that I felt bad for those vendors stuck outside, especially the mechanics. Riding back was not as bad, drank half as much water.
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    It was so hot...
    Lindsey Lohan was seen drinking WATER !

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