The GS911 rescued me 10 days ago. I was on a motorcycle vacation and was about to get the bike (2007 BMW RT) off the Prince Edwards Island ferry, when the bike would crank, but not start. After everyone else departed I pushed the bike off the ferry. I plugged in the GS-911 and tested with my cell phone (droid) and discovered the fuel pump controller was bad. This controller was the ‘«£Improved‘«ō controller that was replaced under warranty. Lucky for me I had the GS 911 and a Jumper that I had purchased after the first controller left me stranded. I took the cover off, removed the controller, installed the jumper and the bike fired up. I was 1500 miles from home and many miles from a BMW dealer. On my way back I stopped at a dealer, but they did not have the parts. I ordered the part.
To sum up, it would have cost much more than the cost of the GS-911 if I could not have diagnosed the problem. I would have spent much more having my bike towed hundreds of miles to a dealer and paid diagnostic costs. Plus, I would have lost at least one vacation day.
If you ride a modern day BMW, don‘«÷t leave home without it.
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