Big Thank you to everyone who helped with my first go round of being the Awards and Tallies Chairperson!

If I miss anyone I apologize.

Big thanks to John Gliszczinski (1st National and Kawasaki rider) for stepping in as my co-chair when Betsy got sick. He said everyone was friendly at the rally. He even learned some BMW language and now knows what Pioneers are.

Thanks to Karen, Kelly, and Michael for helping big time and making this rally the most fun I've ever had.

Also big thanks to the First Aid group for all the help with Betsy and making sure the hospital was treating her well. Karen for helping to coordinate the ride to the airport. Vanessa for picking Betsy up. Don Hamblin (nice nose btw) for getting her to the airport.

Thanks to everyone who helped me try to find a way to get my GS home and BIG thanks to Pineapple (George Davies) for taking it home.

Thank you to all the people that volunteered a shift at the rally! And thanks Sue Rihn for finding volunteers for me.

Thanks to the Sedalia women, June and Laura, who were crazy fast putting all the information into the database for Tallies.

Thanks to the Airheads for their wonderful roster submission. It was on the back of a beer case. Truly memorable!!

Thanks to Johnathan Gifford for mentoring me and all the computer work and everything.

I think that Chuck, Julie and Bob probably did about 100 times the work I did so I can't even thank you guys enough for rocking this rally!!

Sharon Ernest