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Thread: 93 k1100RS / EML hack rear drive ?

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    93 k1100RS / EML hack rear drive ?

    I should have known this would be a PITA when the bmw shop quoted 19 hours labor I think that's shop speak for "we don't want to mess with no sidecars"

    Anyhow I started at the license plate and removed everything until I got to the clutch.

    Yes those bolts go through the foot peg bracket, so it all has to come off. Sidecar mount also goes under the transmission and bolts on where the cneter stand used to be.

    There's a clutch in there somewhere

    Removed the rear cowl so I could attach a strap and dangle the bike from one of the lift arms (won't mention how many times I banged my head on the lift.)

    Finally, there's the clutch, along with about half a quart of oil from a leaky o-ring.

    If there's any other BMW K-bike EML people out there, here's the question.

    Notice that the BMW paralever is not used. Any idea how it comes apart / anything I need to look for when it comes apart?


    Mike Currin
    93 K1100RS / EML Speed 2000 sidecar
    06 Ducati ST3
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    really impressed with your project

    good luck
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