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Thread: 2012 Sedalia Rally - Tram Ride Video

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    2012 Sedalia Rally - Tram Ride Video

    I filmed the rally grounds while riding around on one of the trams.

    This is admittedly a poor video but it at least gives folks an idea of what the grounds look like. The 10 minute video is a full loop around on one of the trams. This does not show much of the center part of the grounds where the vendors and beer garden were located.

    No need to hear the audio, which consists primary of wind noise.

    Hope this is helpful for folks who couldn't make it or were considering it!


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    cool vid thanks
    Sig? What's a Sig?

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    That was nice. Thank you. I was there and now I can have my son look at this video.
    The trams were a great addition. Wish they would have had a more definite time schedule, you NEVER knew when they would come around. Guess that is the bus driver in me. Also, one of the conductors on the tram was making comments about a restaurant and not to eat there as people were getting sick. I eat at that restaurant and didn't get sick. I thought that was very unprofessional of him. MO is the only people getting sick was MOA staff because they were not getting a BIG vendor fee from that permanent establishment. Just my$.02
    Super job by everyone, and a great time.

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    That is a great video, Brings back memories already and big smile to my face. I am going to share this with friends. The sound is great, you get to hear the laughing and chatting that went on during those rides.

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