Hi, did anyone get a picture of Nes from Quebec City riding barefoot and without his helmet on his yellow GS Adventure at the Rally ? I would like to have a photo of him on his bike if possible to remember him. He is not my boyfriend or a fling. I am happily married to a wonder woman that lets me do whatever I want, which makes me happy. I found Nes's prospective of life, riding, and freedom very maverick. However, I will not be following him down the path of riding without a helmet, jackets, pants, or without my Sidi adventure boots. Although I used to be judgmental, I am becoming non-judgmental/tolerant of riders that do not wear safety gear. I really enjoyed talking with all the different people at the rally. It was one of the best 4 days of my life in the last 20+ years. Thanks everyone for being true to yourself at the rally.

P.S. I may have convinced an ICU nurse who was riding a sport bike in shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes at a gasoline stand in Mt Vernon, IL to buy some riding pants. I think I sold him on full gear for comfort. I said I was cooler in the 100F heat than he was. Safety was my hidden agenda. But, selling comfort is easier than soap boxing safety.