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Thread: Do you wear ATGATT?

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    Exclamation ATGATT for me...

    Outer: Motoport Air Mesh Jacket
    Motoport Air Mesh Pants
    BMW Air (summer) boots, SIDI touring boots
    BMW Air (summer) gloves, Held Steves, BMW Winter gloves
    Shoei X-11 (waiting for new Hi-Vis S-2 this fall)
    Camelbak 2 liter hydration pak

    Inner: LD shorts (trips), Under Armor Heat gear leggings
    LD long sleeve shirt (wetted=90F+) or Silver Eagle wicking long sleeves
    Sweat Vac helmet liners or LD "short" helmet liner
    Leight Max orange ear plugs
    Words to Ride by: Patience, Anticipate, Paranoia
    Shep Brown MOA 27510
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    HJC modular helmet and ear plugs. Joe Rocket Ballistic textile jacket for "3" seasons, Revit Air when it gets hot. Tourmaster Venture pants. Joe Rocket gloves. Chippewa boots, not motorcycle boots but come up way over the ankle and give lots of support.
    The only time I don't use the ear plugs is first ride of the season looking for noises that weren't there last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    I am a MTGATT guy ΤΗτ Most of The Gear All of The Time.
    I like that. That fits my description. I'm stealing that.
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
    '10 R12RT, R90/6
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    Thumbs up

    Yes !!!! I do not heal from even scrapes and bruises at the age of 70 like I did when only 30+. Better gear, ( Mesh, Modular Helmets, and Wicking undergarments, etc) help greatly in maintaining comfort in hot/humid conditions. I use a Camelback for hydration on all my trips and reguard it as an essential piece of gear for safety and comfort.
    Ride Safe
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    Ride Safe

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    Dale Rudolph
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    I am always ATGATT, although with this hot weather I sometimes get just a little jealous of those who have the guts to use a bike ride as a way to cool off.

    I will have to assume that those who ride in shorts and tee shirts think that going down is something that will never happen to them.

    One of the advantages of being an old fart is that every time I get on the bike I am very aware of the fact that something can happen, if it does, I am dressed as well as I can be.

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    I'm another old fart, and always wear ATGATT. Was recently reminded just how fragile is my skin when on a hot summer day in Virginia I stepped from a low light interior into a bright sun and missed the 1st and only step - about 3 inches - and hit the asphalt parking lot. Wearing only a T shirt, my right forearm, took most of the fall, receiving abrasion from wrist to elbow. Only took 2 days for the pain to subside, and 2 weeks to completely heal. Multiply that small area and those durations by who knows what number to find the time to recover from a fall at 20, or 30, or 60 mph. I'm a believer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azgman View Post
    attagat always, no matter the temp or length of ride.
    Greg and Melanie
    2006 K12LT

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    Always. A crash two blocks from my house hurts as bad as one 100 miles away.

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    Talking Tee shirts/shorts

    Without being grossly offensive....I usually tell the Tee-shirt/ shorts/flip flop crowd....that I'd rather look good being wheeled into the ER...than lookin' "cool" on the street.....I don't think they understand....
    Words to Ride by: Patience, Anticipate, Paranoia
    Shep Brown MOA 27510
    "Igor" 82 RS "Inga" 04RT
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    Weather/type of riding controls gear choice. I have been slowly buying gear to fit all riding types and as much of the weather as can be done.

    On the track or being a touch naughty on the sportbike - Alpinstar full leathers/full kit + shoei X11 and Dainese Back Armor.

    On any of the bikes when it's too hot for leathers - Revit Tornado Mesh suit/ full kit + shoei X11 or Multitec. I adjust adventure factor down a bit since I don't trust this suit as much as leathers. If it's cool/cold out, I go with the leathers everytime.

    On GSA if it's not scalding - BMW Rally 3 suit + full Kit. Shoei Multitec. If hot, the mesh wins again.

    I've caught myself twice saying it's only a block to my buddy's house and MAKE myself put at least the mesh suit on!

    Been down in jeans in the early 80's and truly know better. At 19 years old, I used a 6' cyclone fence as a squiddley trampoline and although there was no permanent damage, a lesson was learned...

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    ATGATT always.

    Armoured textile jacket and pants, full helmet, leather gauntlet gloves and leather boots.

    Tested it all out 10 years ago, totalled bike, totalled riding suit, helmet and gloves, walked away bruised and shaken, however I did walk away.......Rod.
    Work is the curse of the riding class

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    I'm a MOTGATT.

    Helmet, gloves, jacket of some kind, and over the ankle boots.

    I only wear the riding pants when going longer distances, or when the temps are cooler. My boots are not motorcycle-specific riding boots, but rather good, over the ankle hikers.

    I'm fully aware of any risks that I may be taking.
    Brad D. - Member #105766
    '77 R100RS - Black Beauty (big pipe, baby!)
    '94 R1100RS - Sylvia

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    A couple that I know were going out to get some takeout. Only a 5 minute ride with another couple. 2 bikes, 2 up. She was wearing flipflops, tank top, husband similar. Something happened, bikes collided. She has severe roadrash and other injuries, husband in medically induced coma, other rider severely fractured leg and other injuries. This couples children were waiting for them to come home with the food. Got tired of waiting and went out to get it themselves and came across the crash scene.

    I got this from her mother. Happened last Sunday. So many people affected by this.

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    Helmet-always with out fail
    Boots-some kind of non lace boot always. Ever get a shoe string caught on the shifter lever?
    Gloves-always, the K vibrates to bad to ride with out!
    Long pants-jeans. always
    Jacket, only to keep warm, other wise long sleeve shirt. Dont like the wind blowing on my arms
    Padded/armored pants-don't own a pair

    I'm fully aware of the risk I take for road rash when I crash, but my skull is a different thing. I will always protect it.
    Mike Davis
    "Old n Slow" It's a way of life!
    1985 K100RT

    1998 R1100RT

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    No, I do not wear ATGATT. On warm (9 months of the year) trips/commutes, I go in (in the dark) in an armored jacket or hi-viz traffic coat, and usually wear gloves, returning in shirtsleeves, no jacket, no gloves. On cool trips/commutes, I wear a Taylor's Leather police motor jacket and leathers, and gloves. I almost always wear boots, be they dress or duty. I have gone from full helmets, to half helmets, back to full helmets. I find full helmets to be almost as cool as half helmets if you work the visor, and having been hit in the face by a flying can, a few rocks, and various bugs, it's just a little more sustainable for someone that rides as much as I do. I still commit the mortal sin of tooling around near home on the weekend in shorts and a half helmet.
    R75/6, Non functioning 2014 FJR1300A

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