In a previous thread I asked about the pleasure of riding without a helmet. Only one respondent mentioned the pleasure at higher than city speeds and apparently a crash convinced him that this was not a good idea though his head was not injured in the crash. You may draw your own conclusions about why so many riders do not wear a helmet where it is not legally mandated.

This question is more difficult as there is no consensus on what constitutes ALL THE GEAR. For this thread I will define it, and we are talking about street (not dirt) riding, as 1. real helmet, 2. leather riding jacket or textile jacket with armour, 3. leather riding pants or textile pants with armour, 4. riding gloves, 5. heavy over the ankle boots, 6. earplugs. I think that is what MOST of us mean by ATGATT.

Feel free to comment on chest protectors, spine protectors, and inflatable protectors. And please, no comments on legislation for the t-shirt/shorts/runners group. That is political and verboten.

Define what you wear, why, and whether on occasion you make exceptions.

I'll start: Shoei full face helmet, Rev'It Sand jacket and pants, Held gloves, BMW Allround boots, earplugs. And I wear them every time I ride. Donning all that stuff means I don't take short rides. For a trip I can't make longer I use the car, and don't ride as much as I would like. The price I pay.