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Thread: Do you wear ATGATT?

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    Do you wear ATGATT?

    In a previous thread I asked about the pleasure of riding without a helmet. Only one respondent mentioned the pleasure at higher than city speeds and apparently a crash convinced him that this was not a good idea though his head was not injured in the crash. You may draw your own conclusions about why so many riders do not wear a helmet where it is not legally mandated.

    This question is more difficult as there is no consensus on what constitutes ALL THE GEAR. For this thread I will define it, and we are talking about street (not dirt) riding, as 1. real helmet, 2. leather riding jacket or textile jacket with armour, 3. leather riding pants or textile pants with armour, 4. riding gloves, 5. heavy over the ankle boots, 6. earplugs. I think that is what MOST of us mean by ATGATT.

    Feel free to comment on chest protectors, spine protectors, and inflatable protectors. And please, no comments on legislation for the t-shirt/shorts/runners group. That is political and verboten.

    Define what you wear, why, and whether on occasion you make exceptions.

    I'll start: Shoei full face helmet, Rev'It Sand jacket and pants, Held gloves, BMW Allround boots, earplugs. And I wear them every time I ride. Donning all that stuff means I don't take short rides. For a trip I can't make longer I use the car, and don't ride as much as I would like. The price I pay.
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    Wear leather rather than textile. Always sport pants with armor, sport jacket with armor and backpad, boots like Alpinestars SM-X or Sidi Crossfires SMS or Vortice, Gloves usually Held Titans. If on the bike all day, a one piece suit is the most comfortable, otherwise 2 pc zipped together. Helmet Shoei X12. So this is pretty much my daily wear to and fro work.

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    I am a MTGATT guy ΤΗτ Most of The Gear All of The Time.

    The basics are shoes/boots, gloves and helmet. The coving for the rest of the body varies. It will be some combination of leather and or textile.

    Most of my riding is commuting. Changes in destinations for meetings etc. can mean different gear for a commuting ride from day to day. I choose gear for any ride from collection of gear acquired over the years. The choice is a balance between what is appropriate for purpose of the ride, convenience and safety.

    The purpose of a ride can dictate what gear I choose. Gear has been collected to meet certain needs but hopefully can be used in a variety of settings. I am normally fully covered but sport riding has one set of armored clothing, touring another combination of gear while commuting or other rides are dealers choice.

    The purpose of a ride will also dictate my riding style. While the core skills go with me all the time if I am in business suit under the gear I don't approach a ride the same way I do when I head to the twisty bits to play.

    For me it is a balance between all the parts ΤΗτ rider ΤΗτ bike ΤΗτ and gear to get me there in one piece. That balance has a dynamic definition in my mind.
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    always a helmet, gloves, boots over the ankle, and jacket w pads
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    Only time not AGATT, might be when traveling and going into town to eat from where we are staying, if it is only a couple of miles.

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    Armored jacket (textile), riding boots, gloves, helmet. Riding armored pants when it is colder. This is how I always ride no matter where I am going, sans the boots if it is a quick jaunt to lunch or the store down the road.

    Maybe this should have been a poll?
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    Always a helmet, boots, jacket & gloves. Almost always riding pants. I have over the years acquired leathers, armored textile & mesh gear. So not quite ATGATT, but ATGMOTT and MOTGATT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 26667 View Post
    always a helmet, gloves, boots over the ankle, and jacket w pads
    +1 I wear the above when I am running errands on the bike. If I am going for a "ride" I wear everything.
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    No. Depends on the weather, the distance I'm going, and how aggressive I'm feeling. On a recent 2500 mile trip down to Tennessee, I wore full armor from head to toe for all highway sections, but I ditched the jacket when it was 85 and we were just cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway at 45mph for hours on end. I do openly admit that it was a bit risky with wildlife, blind corners, and deep drop offs, but I find that sweating my butt off detracts from the enjoyment sufficiently that my discomfort won out over the added safety of my jacket. I was wearing a long sleeve riding jersey to fend off some of the sun exposure though. There's really nothing that I would consider mandatory all the time for me. I'll gladly zip around back roads on a CT70 with nothing more than shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers if I can find a 1972 model in metallic orange. Oh...eye protection...I won't ride anything anywhere without eye protection. I don't think there's a catchy acronym for that though. ( :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    I am a MTGATT guy ΤΗτ Most of The Gear All of The Time.
    I like that. That fits my description. I'm stealing that.
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
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    Thumbs up

    Yes !!!! I do not heal from even scrapes and bruises at the age of 70 like I did when only 30+. Better gear, ( Mesh, Modular Helmets, and Wicking undergarments, etc) help greatly in maintaining comfort in hot/humid conditions. I use a Camelback for hydration on all my trips and reguard it as an essential piece of gear for safety and comfort.
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    I am always ATGATT, although with this hot weather I sometimes get just a little jealous of those who have the guts to use a bike ride as a way to cool off.

    I will have to assume that those who ride in shorts and tee shirts think that going down is something that will never happen to them.

    One of the advantages of being an old fart is that every time I get on the bike I am very aware of the fact that something can happen, if it does, I am dressed as well as I can be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCKRIDER View Post
    Donning all that stuff means I don't take short rides. For a trip I can't make longer I use the car, and don't ride as much as I would like. The price I pay.

    Held Gloves (summer)
    Motoport Mesh Pants & Jacket
    Scorpion EXO 1000 Helmet
    Sidi Boots
    Diki - summer - prevents sunburnt neck; in spring & fall they keep neck warm

    Exception: If the bikes are parked for the day in a neighbour's driveway, 3 houses away, I'll wear just the helmet and gloves to bring them home. Wife laughs at this clothing combination.

    Stayed off bikes for 33 years after working in hospital operating theatres, seeing injured (non-ATGATT) riders - not pretty sights.
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
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