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Thread: Wyoming's Snowy Range

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    Wyoming's Snowy Range

    If a lonely twisting and sweeping ride, with ascents and descents, through an ultra scenic setting has a way with you, perhaps you already know about the Snowy Range in southern Wyoming. Mentioned this to a friend yesterday who knows Wyoming well and he replied after the Tetons, he thought this was the most scenic place in the state. Hmmmm... anyway, a few pics and a vid.

    At an overlook I noticed this marker stone...

    The details...

    Wow. Well, I had to find out the details. The tale is told well here...

    Medicine Bow Peak is to the left here. The riding through this landscape is special...

    To the left/west from the image above, here is the invite...

    A pause at one of the numerous crystalline lakes scattered throughout this high place...

    And if having five minutes before moving on to something important , here's a vid to and through the Snowy Range...

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    Well, you're working late again, Steve.

    Duncan seems like your kind of guy, and I suppose that peak will be on your list of "to do" hikes. Sunrise on October 6, at Laramie is 7:05 A.M. so the aircraft must have been in IMC.

    I don't remember this one from my childhood; thanks for posting.

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    Well, someone else is up in the wee hours of the morning as well!

    Yes, how about that crash. One doesn't come across this kind of marker often so it can cause one to pause. And reflect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    Well, someone else is up in the wee hours of the morning as well!

    Yes, how about that crash. One doesn't come across this kind of marker often so it can cause one to pause. And reflect.
    For years Snowy Range was a personal quest. On one of my early rides out west, Jerry planned the trip, and not knowing of all the great riding, I had one request....Snowy Range. I had seen pictures on a calendar, and wanted to take the loop. Unfortunately it was early in the year, and when we turned off the interstate, the sign indicated the road was closed 30 miles ahead....drat...No Snowy Range that year....It never dropped off my radar, and several years later we went was cold, windy with freezing rain, snow. A couple of years later we tried again....same thing. In 2001, I was riding to CA and made another attempt...this time I was actually able to camp in a Natl forest CG (I think Libbey Creek). I was fortunate to have chosen that (despite the millions of mosquitoes), because the rest of the CG were snowed in...I've been back several times since then, and you may have guessed, it's one of my favorite places... I usually just ride through, but last year we hiked some trails. It's truly an undiscovered area, as there never seems to be much ....camping at Vedauwoo. (unfotunately the pine bark beetle has devasted the area

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    Karol... That is a great tale, of atttempts and attempts, and then... done! In a way, makes it all the more special. It is a deeply scenic place isn't it. I also rode through after pausing for the markers and pics, continuing on to the great WY 70 "Battle Highway" over Battle Pass. A tremendous riding road.

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    I encountered the crash site of a B-47 bomber near the top of Wright Peak in the Adirondacks of NY while on a hiking trip:

    Every square inch of the crash site had bits and pieces of wreckage, popped rivets, small bits of wire, and then there were the larger pieces like landing gear and engine parts.

    I didn't know about the crash site until I stumbled upon it. The plane missed clearing the mountain by less than 100 feet, as I recall.

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    Excellent video! The music is perfect with the ride footage.

    Please tell me about the music - I'd love to know more.
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    Steve, Thanks!

    Here's an Amazon MP3 link to the tune accompanying the vid...

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    Wow! That ride belongs on our list. Steve, are you starting on another book? (hope hope hope)
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