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Thread: 1987 K100RS Gear Indicator Resistor Value

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    1987 K100RS Gear Indicator Resistor Value

    When I bought this bike it had a number of mechanical issues that had to be dealt with in order to get it running. Over the last 2.5 years I have enjoyed over 20000 mostly trouble free miles on it. The only problem I have had is the alternator bearings got sloppy and it quit charging, draining the battery, and sending me for a walk.

    One issue that I have not yet been able to fix, but whose time has come, is the gear indicator. As long as I have owned the bike there has never been anything displayed in the window and the neutral light has always been lit. I have checked the switch in the trans all the way up to the 24 pin socket that connects the speedo housing and everything checks out as it should. I am guessing that if just the gear display is bad the neutral light should work as designed and go out when in gear?

    Assuming that my problem lies somewhere in the housing I removed the gear indicator board to do some troubleshooting and did a continuity check from the 24 pin socket to the rivets on the back of the pins that go into the gear display board. They're all good.

    Then I applied some voltage to it and fried the resistor circled in the pic below. I wasn't thinking that the neutral switch is to ground and applied voltage - and smelled the smell of burnt electrical stuff.

    Could anyone out there inform me what value it used to be so I can replace it and get back to troubleshooting?

    The gear indicator's crystal display doesn't appear to be damaged or defective in any way, just a uniform light gray color.

    Should the display show anything when in neutral?

    Also if someone has knowledge on what to look for in these that too would be greatly appreciated.

    I figure I can't really do catastrophic damage to it at this point because I know I can buy a new board/display from Palo Alto Speedo but I like to tinker with stuff.

    What appears to be corrosion on the sockets is actually never seize that I put in there last year to prevent moisture damage. I have also re-bent the sockets to make sure they are all getting a good snug connection.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Jim McGill
    '87 K100RS
    '04 R1150RT

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    For those following along at home I got the resistor fixed with the help of the guys at Re-Psycle.

    Everything is working as it should including the clutch switch. No more of those exciting in gear starts for me.

    I took it for a test ride and after about 10 minutes the display started to slowly fade away.

    Guess I'll keep chippin away at it.
    Jim McGill
    '87 K100RS
    '04 R1150RT

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