To all the rally goers.

During the BMWMOA's 2012 "Howlin' At the Moon" International Rally in Sedalia, a glaring omission was made, and it was made by me at the closing ceremony.
As MC, I mentioned the names of myself and Jonathon Gifford as co-chairs of the Closing Ceremony, and brought up Rally Chair Chuck Manley and his wife, Julie, a rally Co-chair.
I neglected to mention the name of Rally Co-Chair Bob Aldridge who really ramrodded the
Closing Ceremony and two dozen other things (at least) to successful conclusions.
In fact, it was Bob who was working the audio/video switcher at the Closing Ceremony so rally-goers got on two big screens what was happening on stage, and what prizes had been donated.
To not recognize Bob's contributions to the closing--and to the Sedalia rally itself --was, in the words of one rally goer, "an unforgivable snub" and I agree.
To sum up, if you had a good time in Sedalia, you can probably thank Bob Aldridge.
If you didn't like the closing ceremony, you can probably blame me.

Tom McIntyre, MOA # 24929