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Might need to stop and consider that the employees of MOA, work almost year round to put on this rally, they have to miss other rallies to meet deadlines, they work long hours and weekends in the few months coming into the rally to oil the machine. Plus work at the rally and put out fires when needed. Although some of the volunteers have previous knowledge, some don't - they need to be helped out at times also. As Paul pointed out, public 'figures' are fair game when they are out among the masses. Whether it was intentional rudeness (which I can't imagine), or just needed some personal down time, I personally feel your name calling is totally inappropriate.

Karen Smith
Adding to Karen's post, I'd also like to remind everyone that those who volunteer at the rally are giving up their time to enjoy it. I willingly gave my time and efforts to the GS Giants. As a result, I never got to see a seminar. Missed every Anvil Shoot, every presentation, and every planned ride. I'm not complaining, just pointing out that that there were things I'd have liked to do and see but my time was committed elsewhere. I'm sure it was the same for Vince and all other volunteers and this should be taken into consideration by the nay-sayers.