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Thread: 2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900 - is it a good idea?

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    2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900 - is it a good idea?

    Hello all! New to the forum, and BMW bikes. Hoping that I'm posting this in the right section, and that some of you might be able to put my mind at ease that i am getting a good deal.

    I am buying a 2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900. It has 32000 miles on it and removable side bags kinda worn rick mayer leather seat, removable rear seat cowl, heated grips, rubber chicken timing chain tensioner and a new front tire. They are willing to include a 500 mile or 3 month warrantee with the bike. and had it looked over and tested by one of their mechanics that says it's in good working order and rides great. Going to test ride the bike and hopefully buy it in the next day or so. Actually hoping to get some additional help- such as the inclusion of a free track day as part of the deal- but we will see. Of course I will ride it first to see how it feels.

    One of the things which bothers me is that the receipts end in 2006- there was a full BMW certified tuneup and replacement of worn parts then at the local dealership- but that was at 2300 miles- and there is no documentation of anything since then.

    Please let me know if the price seems fair, and if there is anything I should be aware of that I will be able to notice is wrong with the bike when taking it for a test ride. Or if there are any other recommendations you may have for me in terms of checking the bike out or getting in writing from the dealer.

    I am 40 years old, and haven't gotten on a bike in ten years! But am really looking forward to this, and am ready to take it slow. Safety first.

    Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!
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