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Thread: 2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900 - is it a good idea?

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    2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900 - is it a good idea?

    Hello all! New to the forum, and BMW bikes. Hoping that I'm posting this in the right section, and that some of you might be able to put my mind at ease that i am getting a good deal.

    I am buying a 2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900. It has 32000 miles on it and removable side bags kinda worn rick mayer leather seat, removable rear seat cowl, heated grips, rubber chicken timing chain tensioner and a new front tire. They are willing to include a 500 mile or 3 month warrantee with the bike. and had it looked over and tested by one of their mechanics that says it's in good working order and rides great. Going to test ride the bike and hopefully buy it in the next day or so. Actually hoping to get some additional help- such as the inclusion of a free track day as part of the deal- but we will see. Of course I will ride it first to see how it feels.

    One of the things which bothers me is that the receipts end in 2006- there was a full BMW certified tuneup and replacement of worn parts then at the local dealership- but that was at 2300 miles- and there is no documentation of anything since then.

    Please let me know if the price seems fair, and if there is anything I should be aware of that I will be able to notice is wrong with the bike when taking it for a test ride. Or if there are any other recommendations you may have for me in terms of checking the bike out or getting in writing from the dealer.

    I am 40 years old, and haven't gotten on a bike in ten years! But am really looking forward to this, and am ready to take it slow. Safety first.

    Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!
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    Seems to be about the going rate for that bike. I would buy it in a heartbeat if my wife didn't ride with me most of the time. I love that style, but my RT is a better bike for the two of us. Like anything else pre-owned you don't really have a history to go by. I guess you just take it for a nice test ride include some city type driving as well as some highway miles and see if you like it. I bought my 04 RT used with 9600 miles on it in 06. It now has 55,000 on it and I have replaced both stick coils. I keep up with the fluid changes, valve and throttle body adjustments and so forth. My RT has been trouble free and a blast to ride. Anytime someone has a problem with a bike it is all over the internet, you don't hear many stories about the many trouble free bikes out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barthes View Post

    I am buying a 2000 BMW R1100SA for $4900.
    Sounds like you've already made up your mind.

    If you've taken it for a ride and its not doing anything untoward, then it seems like a fair price for THE BEST MOTORCYCLE EVER MADE BY BMW.

    But I'm biased.

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    Price is fair. It should make you a great first BMW...
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    Nah, you don't want it, especially in that color...who's selling it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaseH View Post
    Nah, you don't want it, especially in that color...who's selling it?
    Ha! Not crazy about the color either- but think it's a decent price, and if it rides good- think I may get it over with so that I can stop shopping- and start riding. Found a dealer that is selling it- so it's got a warrantee which is nice. Will tell you where after I get it

    Will be looking for some good BMW mechanics near Brooklyn. Hoping to go to the dealership in Manhattan to make see if they are offering any good deals- and see if I can test ride some models for a baseline. Would prefer to get a newer BMW R 1200 GS Adventure... but they are a bit outside of my price range. Think I'll zip around on this guy for a year or two- and see at that point about buying a new machine.

    Thanks for the help!!!


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    Offer the dealer what you think is the price that you would take it without reservation and see what they say. Can't hurt to try. But remember it is an 11 year old bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaseH View Post
    Nah, you don't want it, especially in that color...who's selling it?
    Hmm...looks like he didn't fall for that trick...

    You'll just have to look for a bargain elsewhere.
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    Offer $4,500 and insist on 3 months warranty. You'll burn up 500 miles in weekend on that thing! Trust me, 500 miles is nothing so go for the 3 months. Just in case...
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    Who's selling it...

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaseH View Post
    Nah, you don't want it, especially in that color...who's selling it?
    Hi Chase. It's for sale at Hudson Valley Motors- looks like I am going to go with an GS or R, and not the SA- as I would like something more comfortable for touring. Please let me know if you would like to talk with someone over there. Dwain is a super nice guy! And the bike looks to be in spectacular shape.

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