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Thread: NEGATIVE Charter Club Feedback

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    I don't think it is all that unusual for these clubs to be clickish.... Before attending the rally, I contacted the Gateway club in St. Louis and introduced myself on their web site, and asked if it would be OK to stop by their tent and introduce myself at the rally. Didn't get the pleasure of a reply from their membership chairperson.... So, I guess it's a second club that doesn't really wish to bring in new members.....Oh well, life's too short to fret about the small things....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wezul View Post
    Give it another shot maybe Doug.
    You've got a lot to share I think it would be a win/win.
    Tech day next year?
    Thanks Wezul... but as for the tech day, we both know you just want more of that BBQ we served! LOL
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    Negative feedback that turns out to be a positive.

    I know several members of that club and I know that the person(s) that you spoke of are not representative of the club as a whole. They go out of their way to sign up new members. They volunteer at the m/c show and (wo)man the booth.

    I applaud the members who took the time to reach out to you after this incident and hope that your future interactions turn out to be more positive.

    And I applaud your courage to speak up when you could have just remained silent. Had you done that, there wouldn't have been the recognition that there is room for improvement.

    A tip of the helmet to all involved.
    Ride Well

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