This certainly not about the set of the club area, that looked great and in a great location... but instead of one clubs attitude in particular.

Being from Northern Illinois I thought I would stop into the Chicago tent to find out more about their club as I am not a member. I was immediately greeted with glares and looks of disgust identifying me as an outsider.

I said hello and said that I wanted to find out more about the Chicago charter as I live in the area... some a$$***e peers over his news paper and says "we are in Chicago... and we are a charter... what else do you want to know? Ya know you can just got to our website."

"OK... so can you tell me anything else?"

"We meet once a month in Villa Park" said another grumpy member

I had enough so I just walked out... at least a gal who was in there was nice enough to come after me and appologize for the attitude. I always heard the club was nasty and just a big click but didn't want to believe it.

I hope other riding clubs actually feel that recruiting new members is a GOOD thing. And for others in CRBMW that are actually decent, I'm sorry you are being represented in that manner.