Valid enough point there, Ghyber and a path I would normally take as I am a fan of OEM parts more and more these days. It's just that I've spent so much in the last couple of weeks on getting new wheel bearings in, fork seals replaced, new fork boots and other work done by real BMW mechanics that I'm considering a generic version to tide me over.

The generics that I have seen look identical to BMWs and have nearly identical specs (37psi instead of 36psi) and are slightly less than half the cost.
This is what I find tempting hence my query. But if I can round up enough funds soon I may play it safe and buy the $152 model after all; at least it's something that I can replace myself.

Since it is now screeching whenever the bike gets warmed up and I'm riding in slow traffic I think I will make a decision and get to work on it pretty soon (that's why someone invented credit cards).

Thanks for your input and while I may very well go your suggested route I would still like to hear from anyone who has used a generic FPR at one point or another just to get an idea of how well they work in a K bike.