Someone has already posted a review of these, but I just spent a couple hundred miles in these so here's mine:

Build / Construction quality: 5/5
Protection/Safety (compared to full one-piece leathers): 3/5
Function: 3/5
Appearance: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Comfort / Coolness / Airflow: 5/5
Fit: 4/5 - 5/5 (Pants and Jacket appear to be USA/Canada, not Europe Fitting)
Overall cost: app. $600.00 for the set depending upon who you get it from / shipping, etc.

This is a very comfortable and very cool suit and looks great. Protection is limited compared to a set of one or two piece leathers, less than a non-mesh suit like an Aerostich Roadcrafter or Motoport, but comfort and coolness is higher overall and if appearance is important to you, it looks better than either. IMO, the Motoport is the best out there but the sport suits have the 60's Star Trek Landing Party look and cost as much as leathers anyway.

The Rev'it Pants and jacket go over street clothes easily. Zip open legs allow removing and putting on the pants without removing boots, a nice feature that keeps your socks clean at iffy rest areas/parking lots, and gas stations, etc. It also makes those emergency pit stops easy All zippers and fasteners are good quality, and even the neck snap has a sliding adjustment for comfort.

Fit was good but a tad loose - I am 6' 185lbs. with a 34" waist and 34" inseam, and I ordered the 52L pants (good fit, just a tiny bit long but helps protect street clothes when commuting, etc.) I also ordered the 56 Jacket, and this without the liner is a touch big for me, a 54 might have been a little better. Very comfortable, though.

The stock armor in the elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees is 'adequate,' but I plan to upgrade it with sturdier Knox pieces designed for the jacket and pants if I can find them. The back armor is not adequate and the hip pads are pretty minimal. I purchased the Knox back protector pad along with the suit and am glad I did - the stock back protector is app 1/2" to 5/8" foam and would have little effect in any impact situation. The Knox unit is much higher density, thicker, and sturdier and I am expecting the Knox upgrades to the rest of the suit to be of similar quality and construction. The jacket and pants zip together with a heavy duty one quarter zipper across the back like an ADV suit - I would like to see the whole suit zip together for better protection but as is apparent, stock this isn't really a suit for high level sport riding.

The only truly negative aspect I found is slipperiness between the inside thighs and gas tank. If you maintain correct posture and body grip, you will be gripping the tank with your legs while keeping arms bent and relaxed on the bars. I found myself sliding up the tank during spirited braking and it was difficult to hold on to the bike using this technique and keep a relaxed grip on the bars. Some sort of grippier material should be applied along this part of the suit (on the leg zipper covers), and will be an additional change I add to mine.

Overall, this is a good summer suit if you upgrade the armor and add some anti-sliding fabric on the inside thigh seams, thigh - knee. Even better if a Full Zipper is installed in addition to the quarter zip along the back. With these changes and an
additional layer of protection/padding under it (kevlar long johns/etc.) I would consider it fine for a bit of spirited street riding.

The summer cool factor is so good and the heat has been so much this year I don't have a problem with the armor upgrade and spending a few bucks to have some grippy stuff sewn in along the inside of the legs. This suit will get a lot of use until the temps cool off

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