I was co-chair of Communications/ Lost and Found for this year's rally.

We had quite a few things that were returned to us and in many cases we were able to reunite them with their owners. Many big smiles! BTW, we had a charity jug to accept donations for lost items returned and this year the charity benefitted to the tune of $127. Thank you all!

Our policy is to take any unclaimed items and box them up for return to the MOA Headquarters. If you suddenly realize that you are missing something, I suggest you contact the good folks in the MOA Office. HOWEVER, please be advised that these items are shipped in the MOA trailer and it will require a bit of time to get the trailer unloaded. Be patient! Also, be prepared to describe your item with sufficient detail that we know it is going to the rightful owner.

Terry and I are glad to be of service, and we were pleased to to meet so many of you. And thanks to our volunteers as well.

Bill Hamilton