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As far as I'm concerened NYTRASHMAN has it nailed period and stop bashing those who chose to not attend or volunteer for any reason ,you pay dues ,you're IN.
No matter what all those who attend are the minority of this club cause the majority choose not to attend whether you like it or not!
Let,s look at that premise. 6000 attended, 24000 chose not to. Of that 24000 , I would bet 12000 have never and will never attend a rally. So that leaves a possible 18000. Top number for a rally was right around 10000 I read on here. Under the most ideal conditions 8000 of the membership that might attend chose not to. Most choose not to attend because they just don't want to.

You pay your dues, your in ? No, you paid a membership fee. You pay your dues when you commit something of yourself to make something better. Volunteers pay their dues.