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The attendance numbers are one measure of success. If people are happy with the rally, numbers will tend to increase. If numbers drop, that indicates people are choosing something else.

You are absolutely correct that higher numbers make everything more difficult. It leads to a bit of a conundrum. Make the rally better and more people will come and that makes it harder to maintain the same quality experience.
On numbers-
"How much did that cost?"
"How many miles on your bike?"
"How much can you bench?" (if you're not a member of a gym, skip this one)

The numbers game is just that- a game. It doesn't tell you much by itself. Success is not measured by numbers, but by the experience. I saw it was going to be hot, so i chose not to go. But I thought the rally is put on by the volunteers to offer the experience. It seems that those who chose to go and then whine about the weather or anything else are simply unprepared. I figured one of the first threads would be about the numbers, because there are those that will use the numbers to justify how this was "bad planning". "Making it better" does not mean "making it bigger", any more than more expense means better quality, more miles means more of a rider, or more weight makes you stronger.