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Since 1972 there has only been one rally not in July. It was in June. It was in Texas. It wasn't a record. It was going to be too hot. But the temps were in the 80s in Fredericksburg that week.

I personally favor September but not if we want younger riders - less than 50 or so. Their kids are in school and they won't come. And probably won't join. I think the board should try it. But they will weigh the pros (lots) and cons (lots) and decide. Last time I was convinced they were all screwed up I got myself elected to the Board, and then President. But now I think they are doing a good job and don't want to run for anything.

I think we should go back to Canada - but then folks with felonies or DUIs can't get in. Sorry - Canada 2014 for me!!
I'm 39 and have to take time away from work regardless of the month to attend. I'm more likely to use that time spent on a cooler destination/time.

We had an amazing alt trip of 10 of us to the mountains of VA/WV this weekend though.