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Since 1972 there has only been one rally not in July. It was in June. It was in Texas. It wasn't a record. It was going to be too hot. But the temps were in the 80s in Fredericksburg that week.

I personally favor September but not if we want younger riders - less than 50 or so. Their kids are in school and they won't come. And probably won't join. I think the board should try it. But they will weigh the pros (lots) and cons (lots) and decide. Last time I was convinced they were all screwed up I got myself elected to the Board, and then President. But now I think they are doing a good job and don't want to run for anything.

I think we should go back to Canada - but then folks with felonies or DUIs can't get in. Sorry - Canada 2014 for me!!
There are other problems besides the ones you mentioned in doing it in Canada. I talked to one vendor I know who stated that he would not go back there, as it was such a hassle getting his goods across and back again when he went the last time we had the Rally there. For me, the many vendors in one place are a large part of why I go to a rally, so the fewer numbers of them at a Canada rally would be a drawback to having it there, just like it is for western rallies, as many vendors will not travel so far to attend them as well. Since it looks like a lot of rallies are going to be in hot places from now on, with maybe the exception of next year, I would like to see maybe a return to what we did in Charleston, WV, with the rally in a city. I know there were some problems with that, but I think they can be worked around. If we can find a place with the facilities we need, with enough nearby hotels to accommodate all members who wish to stay there and nearby camping for members who insist on it, that would be preferable to having to camp in extreme heat for those who simply won't do it. The rally this year would have been better attended this year I think if an option like that were available. People could stay in air conditioned hotels, and then walk to rally events and restaurants. That would be better for a lot of members who now already stay in hotels, but are fairly far away from the rally.