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Louise, please send me your contact info in a PM. I can't believe we were both there, I didn't get to look around at all the bikes for yours, but we probably looked right at each other and didn't know it! I did meet Mark, and a few other YB'rs (bad with names) and I asked if there was a Louise that came when I went walking around in the rain (with my rain gear on) because I was tired of sitting under my Kelty waiting for it to stop! But they had everything put away up front so I didn't get an answer. I didn't know your last name either.

We got there around 4:30 Friday. Set up and went to Greenfield for food, drink. Didn't get back until about 7:00. Then we went for a ride on Saturday and got caught in the rain, but got back before the horrible storms. It was so bad!! Were out of the fairgrounds by 8:00 the next morning.

Hope to see you in the Poconos! You're not going to Finger Lakes? I can't remember if you said or not...

Just an FYI...I logged 840 miles this weekend going to the Mass rally. It was the most I've ever ridden on my own. I camped (using all my own stuff), set up and tore down and packed my bike. All on my own. It was different, for sure. Was it as fun? Jury is still out. I met my new friends, Kate and Anthony, and so I wasn't truly alone when at the rally. The next one in two weeks, I will be traveling and camping alone. THAT will different. I'll report back!
PM will be off to you in a bit. I agree, we probably looked right at each other and didn't know it!

You put in a really decent amount of mileage for the rally. My jury is still out too. I get pretty shy and tongue tied at the smaller rallies but I try to greet everyone with a smile and that helps invite conversation. The storms will be memorable! I was riding in it when they were truely frightening. The lightening strikes had me screaming in my helmet and I could hear the thunder thru my total silence earplugs!! Yikes!!!!!

No, I will not be at the Finger Lakes rally even tho I enjoy that rally. I have really weird karma with that rally. Something always goes wrong with my bike on that trip so I'm staying home this year. So, I'll give the Poconos rally a go.

I'll be waiting to hear how your next trip goes!