Along with my Lone Rider Tent by Catoma, my '83 R65LS, Little Red Baron and I travelled alone to the rally. It is empowering for sure and also very freeing as there is no signalling or catching up with other bikes to say ya want to stop to itch something, change something, rush at gas fillups, rest, and the usual after all that water consumption!! I rode part way home with a couple from my home area but then decided to go alone again as just less stressful...really. Don't worry, I never thought I'd think this way either!

Sometimes I worry about breaking down in all that heat. With the best pre-ride maintenance and a bit of luck, our bikes are pretty reliable. LRB out did himself as absolutely nothing went amiss. But just in case something does take us to the side of the road someday I think about how many bikes will stop to help...all those who wave, pretty well, and also think about ALL the new friends for life you will have a chance to meet and thank. Sure it might be a hassle at first....just try to relax, sit back, get water and shade and use the spot, cellphone, credit card, CAA/AAA, BMW anonymous book etc. to think you're way outta the fix. There is no need to rush with panic. It won't fix the problem any faster. One needs to be somewhat calm to think clearly. I just hope to be successful at staying calm! Not my best attribute! One reason to pack an umbrella.....shade.

Yup, riding alone is a good thing but even better would be the perfect riding partner. Very hard to find but the whole riding situation for long distances puts 2 people into a relationship that can be closer than an average marriage situation.
So it is tough to choose a good riding buddy. I sure envy those who have someone though but in the meantime riding alone is just fine, given the tradeoffs.