I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the Rally possible. This was out first rally and honestly my wife and I are not very social people. Maybe it is because we have seen how most of the general motorcycle gatherings go. The facilities were great, super clean with lots of the needed amenities and plenty of room to stretch out. It was like a motorcycle city. We never had to leave the grounds for anything. The volunteers were great and very helpful, I wanted to volunteer but being my first rally I wanted to be able to get it all in and with so much to see and do, I didn't. The weather was warm but you could always get some water an plenty of shade and places to cool off. I didn't even get a sunburn and burn every time I go outside. The entertainment was TOP-NOTCH, and I am not just talking about the comedy show at the GS Giant track. Only being a member for a few years now, I enjoyed the magazine and web-site, but after experiencing what it is really all about I will be member for a long long time. In fact, my wife who decided to reluctantly tag along enjoyed it so much that she is ready to join up because she enjoyed talking to the people of the MOA and I think finally figured out WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.