First, thanks to all that made this rally possible! This was the first rally that my son attended as a rider (17), and we both had a great time. He is already asking me what we need to do to get ready for the rally next year, and could we ride up through Canada to get there!

Now, I have a favor to ask of the cleanup crew. My son had a set of custom earplugs made, as regular disposables wont fit his ears. He lost them sometime yesterday before the closing ceremonies. He really isn't sure in what area, because he was all over the place. They are in a little round white plastic "puck".

He's really bummed, as he spent the majority of his rally budget on them. 60 bucks is hard to come by when you are earning it doing odd jobs. If anyone comes across them, I would gladly pay a finders fee, postage, etc.

Thanks again MOA!