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Thread: Dual Sporting

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    Dual Sporting

    Dear BMW MOAers,

    I have a 2009 K1300S which is an exceptional interstate bomber but I do wish I had a bike that could go off-road as well. For me this means dirt and gravel roads as well as where there are no roads (i.e., sagebrush and so on). But I don't want a hardcore trails only bike because I still want to be able to get to the trails (I don't believe in trailers).

    My buddy is researching the same issue and has challenged me to find a bike that we can do the TAT (Trans-America Trail) or at least find a bike that's up for something like it. I was peeked up about waiting for the new water-cooled R1250GSA but that's a lot of bike -- both in terms of mass and cost.

    So I'm putting it out there for you single- and twin-cylinder Beemer guys... what is the best bike and what is the best BMW to consider for something like what I've described? Thanks.


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    I think the F twin GSs are a perfect bike for serious backroads travel. They have good power and comfort for the hardtop sections yet are light enough to be reasonably managable on the dirt. Still not a great bike for really serious rough single track trail work except in the most capable hands, but few are looking for that anyway. If I had to only have one bike, the R1200GS might be a good choice, but as a second bike to pair off with my K1200GT, the F800GS is ideal for me. I travel mostly back roads and logging trails with it. It handles the rough going quite capably and with a full load of gear for backcountry camping.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
    2008 K1200GT, 2019 F850GSA

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    There are quite a few TAT threads on ADVrider; you might want to look at those to see what the the posters are riding.

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    I will suggest the F800GS. But I am prejudiced...I own one!
    I had the single cylinder F650 GS Dakar (2006) and it was underpowered for the road. But it is lighter than the 800GS. The current incarnation of that bike is the Sertao.
    Good luck shopping!
    Reno-Tahoe, NV
    '07 R1200RT, '09 F800GS

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    I too vote for the F800GS. It is very much different from my K1600GT, yet actually has a greater load capacity and gets better fuel mileage. With a few modifications it will comfortably go cross-country.

    If I could only have one bike however, it would be an R1200GS.
    Andre Boening
    2010 F800GS and 2012 K1600GT

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