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    Well, Well, Well !!!

    The Rally was:
    Well Run.

    Well Layed out.

    Well attended.

    I was a first time rally attendee, So it gave me some time to look at the event
    from outside the box as I help with 2 music events and 1 Art event where I live.
    The event committee should get a big kudos for the sight selection. Plenty of
    everything. Space, Trees, AC in the buildings, misting stations, even colf carts
    running H2O around. Portalets were maintained, grounds were picked up.
    I didnt stay for the music, but it was a great lineup. We had the Thunderbirds in
    '06 and Stacy in '10. So music was thumbs up. Beer garden was a nice combo for
    outsiders to sit in the tent or go inside an have a cold one in the cool. Good idea!
    Vending area had plenty of farkles to load yourself up on. Seminars were well
    attended. And I volunteered at the stage to load in the first band on Thursday.
    Volunteering Gives back to the event and adds something to it by taking the load
    off of the people helping the chairs and helps make the event run seamlessly.
    If more people attending helped then maybe only 2 hours would be needed per
    person. At our events if you work 1 day at the event your wristband is free for
    the weekend, and you get a Event Staff Shirt. That helps get people on board.
    Then people that wear Event Staff shirts to other events Advertise(for free).
    And if the event goes smoothly they get a Kudos for volunteering. Win, win, win.
    Anyway enough said,
    GREAT JOB, Event Committee! I will add another Rally to the bucket list.
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    I was a first timer also. I was very impressed and enjoyed every minute I was there. I sadly could only stay for a few hours but I must commend the staff and everyone involved in producing such a wonderful event. The available buildings with A/C was fantastic. Anyway, thanks to all responsible for this event. Job well done!
    Oh, to the volunteer at the registration line on Thursday morning, great job on keeping your cool putting up the whiners in the "not pre-registered" line. I didn't pre register and I figured a longer wait was the price I paid for waiting until the last minute to register. Sadly, too many others didn't see it the same way. So kudos to you sir.

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    And on more comment from another first timer. Thanks to everyone for putting on a good event. Everything was said about what was right with the rally in the first post.
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    First timer here also. Thought it was great. I didn't see one thing about it worth complaining about. A big thank you to anyone involved in organizing/running it.

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    My wife and I were first timers. We were impressed. Already got rooms booked for next year's rally and plan on volunteering. I'm ready to go now. Why do we have to wait until next year?
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    So great to read these comments, especially from First Timers!

    There always seems to be alot of griping after the rally (mostly about the weather which no one can control). I know alot of people work day and night to make this happen and I'm happy to see that you all had such a positive experience.

    For me, it was one of the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNCRO87 View Post
    First timer here also. Thought it was great. I didn't see one thing about it worth complaining about. A big thank you to anyone involved in organizing/running it.
    FYI to all of you posting "Thank You's" - you're most welcome.

    For those posting criticism - that's important too, so that we improve our 'product.'

    I was but one of some 100+ Rally Chairs, Co-Chairs, MOA Staff, etc., and many of us do troll the Forum after an event this big to get a feel for how it was perceived.

    This was YOUR party, and we were glad to have a hand in throwing it.

    Like I and other sweaty blue-shirted folks said as we passed out cookies & water Saturday night at the Arena - "Thanks for coming! See you next year!"
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    It was truly a great Rally. Wife's first MOA Rally. Her first Rally was the RA at the Biltmore. My scheme at that time was to get her to a rally where she would have interesting things in addition to the Motorcycles to keep her occupied so that she would have a good time. That worked well. At Sedalia I was pleasantly surprised that she stayed interested & upbeat the whole time (she is not usually interested in Motorcycles). She has commented to many people about the first class entertainment and the closing ceremonies being so interesting & comfortable (the cookies & water were a great idea.

    Had a great campsite, water & electricity available on a nearby pole. No shade, (we were near the go fer headquarters) but by evening the tent cooled down & a nice breeze added to our comfort. A nice serenade from the entertainment stage lulled us to sleep.

    The MOA was really on the ball with the cool drinking water available almost everywhere.

    In the daytime it was hot but with light humidity (to us at least). A breeze was often in evidence and was very nice. The area between the vendors & the racetrack grandstand was apparently blocked off from the breeze & was pretty hot, nice air conditioned buildings on the scene helped greatly (pity the poor outdoor vendors).

    My only complaints were the non-functioning WiFi & the moldy & dilapidated showers (near the swine bldg, Hm, You don't suppose?....) complete with a sign proclaiming them to be MOA approved no less.

    Met a fellow who was astonished to find that I had been able (my machine been able?) to run an individual Saddle Sore 1,000 on my ancient 90/6 four years ago (of course it was only 32 years old at the time).

    The wife & I got to meet Kevin Greenwald & took a bit of his busy time to chat, Another nice rally moment.

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