Wandering around Quebec Province?

A number of us are planning a one week trip up and around Quebec Province at the end of next month (week of 18th-26th or so)..

We are planning on hanging out in Montreal for a night or two, then waffle via back roads along the river to Levis - where we'll stay - and take the ferry to Quebec's old city. Perhaps 2 nights at Levis.

I'm quite familiar with Quebecs old city - been there MANY times in the past 40 years (SWMBO and I took our first vacation together and accidently ended up in the Frontenac for 3 nights, back when it was $16/night..), but much less so with Montreal. Somehow I've always just driven through Montreal (well, I did spend a night there once when in college, trying to get lucky, with no success.. and I did go to the Worlds Fair there a few times.)

So - anyone have recommendations in/around Montreal?

Decent not horribly expensive place to stay that's bike friendly? And where there may be public transit to interesting downtown places?

Downtown places that are recommended? For food? Sightseeing? Is the underground city worth visiting?

How about between Montreal and Levis (figure the south side of the St. Lawrence) - anything not to miss? And then between Levis and the top of New Hampshire (we're going to waffle down through HN and VT on the way home.) I did pencil in Thetford Mines (just so the other people on the ride can see the worlds largest open-pit asbestos mine..) and Sherbrooke..

My usual goal is to stay off highways as much as possible.. I'm hoping one of our group had at least high-school French, although it's never been a big problem other times I've caged through QP.