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Thread: Observations from a first-time attendee

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    Observations from a first-time attendee

    Never got to a rally before. Conveniently, this year it was 70 miles from home. Realizing that sometimes the ride there is the adventure, with a little girl at home these days and work commitments, this was perfect.

    Some things that come to mind after attending about half the day Thurs and Fri:

    1. Very well organized. Although the line was long Thursday AM to get in-processed, it didn't take long at all. Great job especially by volunteers. Next rally, hopefully I have more time and can volunteer myself.

    2. It was hot. It wasn't THAT hot. Sure, we're having near record heat here like much of the country. But really, it wasn't that bad and surely nothing to whine about. There was plenty of indoor air-conditioned indoor space. Water stations were readily available. Plenty of shaded tents, trees, etc, if you wanted to get out of the sun. Location choice here was good--plenty of indoors AC, and decent food vendors slash availability off site close by.

    3. Nice variety of representation by old and new bikes.

    4. Impressive vendor participation.

    5. Everyone was really friendly despite the heat.

    Super glad I attended.

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    Glad you came and enjoyed your 1st rally! Look forward to you joining us in Salem next year!

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