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Agree, too fast for traffic. Looks to me like the SUV driver was attempting to pull in the pull out on the left, probably looked, but the rider profile was too low and small to see from their vantage point.

THAT is why I ride to right of the lane with oncoming traffic or around blind corners. The edge of the road does not move, moving stuff is unpredictable.

Rider should be glad he and the SUV driver had quick reaction skills.
I recently put your "ride to the right" advice to good use on a twisty road where all the hot rodding cage drivers try to straighten the road out by crossing the double yellow and literally going straight, this they believe is high performance driving!

To those who say the scooter should have been going slower I offer this, What if he/she had been a little later to that point on the road? The suv [I]might[I] have been comitted to it's manuever and not been able to swerve back in line. Then there's the thought that had the scooter been going fasterthat it would have been past the point where the suv could have done it any harm at all. It's very difficult to weed out all of the possibilities.