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Thread: Spare keys on trip - what do you do?

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    Ed Kilner #176066
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    Spare keys on trip - what do you do?

    My big trip starts next Friday morning!

    A few years ago, at a campground, I found my ignition key on the ground. Did not even know I had lost it out of my pocket. Spare key was at home... Horseshoes you know where.

    Since then, I wear a loop of string around my neck and the key goes there.

    My trip will take me from Toronto to west coast via US and back via Canada, so I better take the spare.

    Have a spare electronic key, alarm dongle, and a flat plastic key.

    What to take? Where to keep it (them)?

    What do you do?
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    God? What god? roborider's Avatar
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    I keep my spare key in my zippered pocket of the tank bag of my R12RT. On my airhead, I keep it under the seat since I don't lock the seat.
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    I just keep track of the key. As long as I know where it is, I don't have a problem. And I never use valet parking with the motorcycle.

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    I carry spare keys to my bike and Voni's bike, including keys to the bags on my bike whick use a different key - in the topcase on my bike. And I carry the spare key to the topcase separately in my billfold.
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    When I'm on the road, my riding jacket's always on, with me, or locked in a motel room. Thus, I carry the plastic spare key in an interior, velcro-closed pocket of my riding jacket. On those rare occasions when I leave the jacket cabled to the bike, I take the spare key (and the credit card in the wrist pocket) with me.
    David Brick
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    Use some duct-tape to attach your spare key to the back of your license plate. Or, a zip tie to attach the spare under some of the fairing, or in another inconspicuous place. Keep the other keys in a side case, or under your seat.
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    I keep the spare set of keys in the riding jacket all the time, along with my passport in case I feel like straying into Canada.
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    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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    RK Ryder
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    I have a complete set of spare keys kept in a zipped pocket in my touring, not riding, pants. As well, I keep one flat key for each bike, under the insole of each boot (R key in the right boot, K in the left). When just riding in my own area, I never take the zipped set of with me, but if need be, I can boot up a bike, should the main set of keys be misplaced.

    I rode through the southern states last year to California and back with a rider who had a spare set of keys, as always, safely stored at home in Ontario. Luckily he never needed them.

    Having once lost a set of keys, I like to keep spares nearby.
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    Great, my big summer trip starts in 5 days, now I have one more thing to worry about...spare keys!
    Mike Davis
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    Spare Key

    My BMW came with two standard keys and a plastic emergency key. Recognizing that there is a chance that I could lose my standard key (and that I don't carry the second standard key with me), I have duct-taped the plastic emergency key inside the side fairing which keeps it out of sight from anyone that might inspect the motorcycle -- even up close -- but in a location that I could access it in an emergency. In this way, there's no chance of me being stuck in the event that I lose the standard key.


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    I keep a flat key with no head, in the seat lock above the tail light.
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    I got a spare key holder (similar to the ones realtors use on homes for sale but not quite so heavy duty) at the local home depot. I tucked it inside the fairing of the GS, with the spare flat key and a $20 for emergencies. It's got a combo lock on it and a long-ish covered cable on it so it wraps around a bit of the frame nicely.
    Sarah B
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    emmmm...I like that idea. The boot one is not bad either.

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    I have C belt pouch which I like and works well......

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    Single key - on the bike...

    I had the luggage and the bike all keyed to one key. I keep an extra key hidden on the frame secured by a Velcro strip. Invisible, always handy. Works well.
    2015 R1200GS
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