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Thread: Gluten Free in Sedalia

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    Gluten Free in Sedalia

    Yeah--I'm one of those. Beer and pizza are like long lost friend. Not full born Celiacs but wheat and all just creates havoc "down there." If you in the same boat and find some places to dine please post here.

    I did find a store that carries gluten free beer--Wine and More.

    Great selection of wines but I was there for the beer. Cold AC and you can hang out and relax. Owner is very friendly knowledgeable AND a former BMW rider. Had 4-5 varieties of gluten free beer--one that I hadn't seen before.

    The owner turned me onto a nice casual family owned breakfast place too. The name escapes me but it is on the South Side of Main Street (Rt 765) at the Corner of Grant. You'll see it--not much else there. More than i could eat for $8. It was busy with locals when I went. Open til 2 PM weekdays, 1 PM Saturday.

    Other recommendations welcome--especailly gluten free.


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    Sorry to hear you are cursed , like me with this awful disease.

    I don't have much of the gastro problems like most Celiac's , mine is in the form of a skin disorder dermititusherpetiformis.

    If I get any wheat / gluten in my system i break out in blisters that itch like crazy and spread like wild fire. ( in some very rude places !!)

    Glad you found a haven of gluten free products in Sedalia .
    G/F living makes it difficult to travel, since you never know what you are really getting when ordering food in smaller towns.

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