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Thread: COOL Summer riding boots- ???

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    COOL Summer riding boots- ???

    I would like to buy a new pair of boots before Sedalis that are vented well enought to actully feel the air move around my tootsies, or at least on my ankles.

    What do you use that really work? I have looked at the Sidi Air boots with the perforated Lorica but question how much air will actually move through them.
    The BMW Airflow looks interesting too.

    Mid-heigth is OK but not a low cut 'shoe' type as I want ankle protection.

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    Bilt makes some boots that have perferations all over the leather. Haven't worn them in the rain so I don't know how they do there, but I can tell you I love the air flow riding in the heat of SW Texas!

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    The BMW Airflow is my go-to any time it's above 85 and not likely to rain. If it's above 85 and there's a chance of rain, it's the TCX Airtech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 110026 View Post
    The BMW Airflow looks interesting too.
    I use Airflows as my main boot. They're awesome in the hot (R1200RT for reference) and I use a pair of overshoes like this for when it isn't arctic cold.

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    Sid Clever Air. Flow lots of air and are pretty comfortable to walk around in. I love mine.. Definitely a warm weather boot and definitely not waterproof. I carry boot covers in the event of rain.

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