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Thread: Tlcproducts, do they actually exist?

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    Tlcproducts, do they actually exist?

    tlcproducts. com

    I was looking for some inner liner side bags and top box bag.
    On recommendation on one of the BMW forums (not sure which one it was) I had a look at the tlcproducts liners.

    Long story short, I ordered all of the above for a total cost of AUS $135.61
    This was 2/12 month ago.
    Not a sighting of the products, no replies to multiple emails enquirers.
    I have to say that this is the only American manufacturer that has ever ripped me off.
    So at least for overseas buyers...Don't Touch them!
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    I had never heard of them before your post. I looked them up and they have a nice website that looks like they primarily caters to the Harley crowd.

    Perhaps some of the California guys have done business with them and can give you insight. Here is the contact information from their website
    2575 Fortune Way #B
    Vista California 92081

    Phone: 760-599-1614
    Fax: 760-599-1166
    Toll-Free: 1-866-292-6837

    Sorry you had a problem.
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    I got a set of R1200RT saddle bag liners a couple of years ago without problem. Even included free embroidery and I used "Left" and "Right".

    Decent product for the price at the time.

    But haven't had any contact with them since then.

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    They have a message on their phone. We are in the process of moving to another location (out of state?), please be advised that we are not ignoring you, etc.
    It's 6 p.m. here now so beyond normal business hours. Send your info and I can call them tomorrow. She also gave a 619 number which would indicate they are moving to another area in this area.
    The recording said please be advised this move was necessary to continue to service your business, and not to avoid you.
    So it looks like some upheaval. PM your info to me. They may also have some problem with the shipping to down under so if I can get your order I'll ship it on to you.

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    Apologies for the very late response guys.
    I have sent David a reply via PM.

    When I wrote the original post, I was about to go to work and it's been pretty full on all day yesterday.
    Now at 06:12AM, I got a chance to reply.

    The items were paid using PayPal (not happy with them either..big time)
    I have ordered lots of parts and accessories from the US and a couple of times, it took up to 6 weeks for the items to arrive. But what has been the case is that 99% sent a confirmation email when the item(s) had been posted, not so in the case with TLC.
    So after about 5 weeks of nothing showing up, I sent them an email inquiry to see if they had sent the items yet and when, followed by another email without any response and then finally contacting PayPal opening a dispute claim.
    PayPal's reply was that they have a policy of having to claim within 45 days and as this was past that time...basically they would do nothing.
    Well it's obvious that these idiots haven't worked out that items now can take up to 60 days in some cases to arrive.
    I think it's part of the added security systems in our countries with all items being heavily screened, creating larger backlogs.
    Funny enough, PayPal had no issues at all to instantly transfer my money out of my account

    If it would have been just a few dollars, I probably would have dropped it, but a hundred dollars plus? Buggered if I let myself get ribbed off without trying everything to retrieve my money or get my paid for products.

    David's reply is valid if they are moving, but then they should have either taken down their Website, blocked any purchase for the time being, or at least display a message on their Website of them being unable to fulfill any orders for some time to come, until their move is completed.

    Which by the way, I am very suspicious of. The order and payment were sent on the 8th of May 2012. We now are mid July!
    No company that I know of takes that long to move without them risking major negative impact on their business....doesn't make sense.

    And if anybody is wondering why I haven't called them myself?
    It is very expensive to call the other side of the globe, and how much more money should I risk to loose?
    Australia N,S,W
    Mid North Coast
    2014 R1200RT LC/SE

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    No problem. I can call from here with voip at no cost.
    I'll let you know.
    I called, and called the secondary number. It says mailbox full. I did leave messages on the first number. I also checked with the city of Vista, and they have a business license good until the end of Sept. 2012, but that would be paid yearly and only then be up for renewal.
    Their message does say they are moving out of state.
    The license shows only the same address and phone number as above, and lists Brent Clingman as sole proprietor.
    Let's see if I can any response. I also sent an email.
    Their dba which should be listed with the county, should give more detailed contact info. The name on the city license is TLC Quality Sewing & Assembly.
    It's difficult to say why they are moving out of state. Quite likely based on economic problems. And, it's difficult to say how they will end up dealing with those economic problems.
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